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21st September 2010, 05:20pm - Views: 625 predicts OZ TV ratings, Junior Masterchef, X-Factor, Glee, Oprah

Mobile polls forecast the rise and fall of Australian television show ratings for 2010/2011


Pop culture community GetUpGo gauges public opinion, predicting X-Factor's flop, and successes for Junior Masterchef, Glee, and Oprah's shows at the Sydney Opera House.

X-Factor season 2 has struggled to gain any traction debuting at 1.1 million viewers with less than half the numbers of Junior Masterchef's 2.2 million. GetUpGo's ratings savvy audience was right on the mark. voted:

"Will X Factor season 2 be branded a flop on its August 30 debut?
66% Voted yes / 34% Voted no"

In the face of X-Factor flop is Masterchef's rise. After a large Junior Masterchef debut the continued success of the Channel Ten Juggernaut seems certain.

"Will Junior Masterchef continue to dominate the TV ratings?"
88% Voted yes / 12% Voted no"

Channel Ten announced last week 2011's next big thing 'The Renovators.' With advertising still months away is already showing strong optimism for Channel Ten's 2011 line up.

"Will Channel 10's new 2011 show - 'The Renovators' be a hit? 58% Voted yes / 42%
Voted no

Looking further into TV ratings, news recently broke that Oprah would film her final show Down Under, renaming the Sydney Opera House the 'Oprah House.' Although the story's been met with scandal surround the rumoured 3.5 million dollar cost, public opinion on the whole favours tourism Australia's decision. voted:

"Will Australia get behind tourism Australia's decision to pay for the final Oprah shows at the Sydney Opera house?
77% Voted yes / 23% Voted no

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