Ethnic Stereotyping By The Media Is Harmful

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17th August 2010, 03:00pm - Views: 3232

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UALM condemns practices of ethnic stereotyping

UALM: Ethnic stereotyping is destructive to our Australian way of life.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Melbourne, Australia: The United Australian Lebanese Movement (UALM) condemns the recent wave of

stereotyping of the broader Australian Lebanese community through constant references to ethnicity in

reports related to the Chaouk Family.

We urge the media to consider the harm it is doing to the broader Australian Lebanese community, the vast

majority of whom are hardworking, law abiding citizens of Australia, through its choice to view these crimes

from an ethnic perspective, thus implicating a large group of people through ethnic links.

The UALM asks the media to consider the harmful effects of its ethnic stereotyping.  We ask the media to

place itself in the shoes of an average Australian of Lebanese descent and to consider the distress and

discomfort it is causing through such “journalistic” practice. 

The UALM stresses that ethnic stereotyping is destructive to our Australian way of life and the linking of a

person’s ethnicity to a criminal act is not only irrelevant and unwarranted; but also serves to divide rather

than unite.  Australia’s strength is through its diversity and a moral question needs to be asked in relation to

such practices.

The UALM calls on State and Federal governments to consider legislation against ethnic stereotyping in the

media, as is the case in many societies around the world. This legislation is needed in order to protect the

broader Australia community from the harm that such reporting can cause, and to protect against potential

social problems that can emerge as a result.

Media contact:

Robert Bekhazi

P : 0409 411 822 

F:  (03) 9383 4388


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