New Dignity Outfit For Women With Dementia Who Undress Inappropriately

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27th January 2011, 06:53pm - Views: 2762

At times, people with middle or late stage dementia may undress in public, or inappropriately place hands inside their underwear; if the person were aware of their behaviour they would be mortified, so preserving the dignity of the individual is paramount.

People witnessing this sort of behaviour may find it uncomfortable or not know how to deal with the situation, particularly family and friends who can find it distressing to observe a loved one behaving so out of character.

So how do you deal with this inappropriate behaviour and maintain the dignity of the person underneath the dementia?

Founder of Errine Adaptive Clothing, Jane Thomasson, has designed a purpose built outfit to help with such situations, and put a lot of thought in selecting a suitable name for the outfit - a name that does not apply stigma to the wearer or make relatives shudder at the thought of it.

There are similar garments on the market with names such as "dementia suit" or "Alzheimer's suit", which Jane felt labelled the wearer, and would be personally loathe to purchase for a loved one herself, so came up with the name "dignity outfit".

The first dignity outfit for women is a one piece garment designed to look like a two piece. It comprises a top and pants which are actually joined in the middle, and the outfit is closed from behind by a carer, with a full length invisible zipper that just looks like a seam, so the garment does not advertise the fact it is different.

The outfit is stylish and looks just like a regular set of top and pants, discreetly hiding the reverse closure. With a collared top in pretty colours and a pair of black pants, it is made in a soft, comfortable, iron free knit fabric.

The garment is elasticised at the waist which is also hidden, and it is extremely comfortable to wear. The gentle elastic waist is great for women with large or small bellies as it conforms to the wearers shape.

Priced at just $110.00 AU (great value for the equivalent of two garments), the dignity outfit greatly reduces the ability of the wearer to remove their clothing without assistance, maintaining the dignity of people with dementia, and providing relief for carers and loved ones.

A similar dignity outfit for men will be designed soon, and seasonal dignity outfits will follow in the near future.

The women's dignity outfit is currently available on order, to submit your interest in purchasing please contact:

Errine Adaptive Clothing
P.O. Box 322
Glenorchy 7010
Tasmania, AU
P: + 613 6272 0426
E: info (at)
Errine Adaptive Clothing

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