Runaway Success For Oz Prom Queen In U.s.

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20th November 2009, 07:02pm - Views: 1077

Media Release

19 NOVEMBER 2009


AUSTRALIA has another export fashion success story with WA designer,

Dana Mathers achieving the fashion equivalent of “selling ice to Eskimos” with

her prom gowns being snapped up in the US.

Mathers has now capped a triumphant international 12 months with an

invitation to showcase her brand at the prestigious G’Day USA (New York) in

January 2010.

Knows as the “Down Under” Prom Queen, Mathers, has rocketed into the

order books with more than 40 retailers throughout the US now stocking her


Her showgirl-influenced  “Cassie” gown will be highlighted in photo spreads

for major US magazines, Teen Prom and 17 Prom. 

“The editors called it the gown of the season when I was in the US in August,”

Mathers said. 

Mathers said the reaction to her brand in the states had been overwhelming

and that she and her US representatives could easily have taken orders from

200 retailers.

“We’ve aimed at managed growth rather than the kind that can just run out of

control,” she said. “But we expect to grow our retail base in 2010.”

The initial US orders will be in-store at the end of December and Mathers is

expecting reorders and new retailers on the back of the magazine publicity.

“We’re got other promotional plans in the pipeline to support our retailers

including demand from them for me to make in-store appearances across the

country,” she said.

Mathers explosive rise to the top of the export fashion stakes formally began

last January when she was invited to showcase at G’Day USA (LA). 

“That was a great experience, but the key achievement was securing a

respected agent whose industry network is unbelievable,” she said.

Mathers said she had been guided by his advice as to how to gain maximum

leverage for her brand.

“I can’t say exactly how we approached the market because that’s

commercially confidential but I can say my husband and PR professional, Ray

Sparvell, has played a major role in guiding us forward.’

Sparvell has extensive marketing and PR experience in the US gained

through his roles in the development of the Argyle Diamonds’ reputation and

the branding of its pink and champagne diamonds. He was also invited to the

US by Rio Tinto in 2000 as part of the key marketing/PR team that named,

branded, launched and marketed Quadrem, a kind of eBay to the global

mining industry.

“He’s gone from rocks to frocks – but the promotional principals are the

same,” Mathers said.

She said that her rise had been the result of hard work over many years. She

has been a designer for more than 20 years with her own retail presence for

15 years. 

“It’s the classic case of taking a lifetime to become an overnight success,” she


“Apart from the design in my fashion, there has also been design in preparing

myself for entry into the US market. I have gone there with a reputation in the

red carpet prom segment. I can point to a body of work, achievement and


She said another part of the reason for her success had been Perth.

“I noticed that many of the US designs seemed to draw their influences from

one another, a kind of insular perspective. Mine was more of isolated

inspiration and that has resulted in designs that are seen to be fresh and

original,” Mathers said.

Mathers expects to be in the US for extended periods in 2010 while also

juggling the demands of her Perth retail business, her destination store in

Carillon City.

“I made a substantial investment in refreshing the store this year and it’s

arguably the best fashion retail experience in Perth. I am wholeheartedly

committed to its ongoing success. I am only enjoying my US experience

because of the loyalty of everybody who has ever bought a Dana Mathers’

gown,” she said. 

“I’m looking forward, as always, to our Australian prom season and to making

every girl feel and look fabulous. As a designer, that’s what gives me the

greatest pleasure.”

Dana Mathers’ philosophy and exciting design is now set to be experienced

throughout the US.

Further Information:

Dana Mathers 0438 242 808

Ray Sparvell 0413 051 247

High resolution Pic Images of Cassie gown (below) available on

request. Contact Dana or Ray.

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