Award-winning Bushmills(r) Single Malt Irish Whiskies Get Stunning New Pack

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5th November 2010, 11:34am - Views: 855

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Award-Winning BUSHMILLS(R) Single Malt Irish Whiskies Get Stunning New Pack

LONDON, Nov. 5 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

    BUSHMILLS Irish Whiskey has unveiled new premium packaging for its 10, 16

and 21 Year Old Single Malts.

    The new packaging was unveiled to global media at a special event at

London's famous Irish bar, Waxy O'Connor's, with guests given the opportunity

to be the first to taste from bottle number one of the new look BUSHMILLS 21

Year Old Single Malt.

    The bold redesign looks set to bring the BUSHMILLS range of Single Malt

Irish Whiskies to the attention of a wider audience, at a time when Irish

Whiskey is outperforming all other International spirits categories(1).

    The new packaging features striking imagery of the Old Bushmills

Distillery, embossing of the 1608 original licence to distil date and a

prominent display of the trademark BUSHMILLS Pot Still - features which are

testament to the heritage, authenticity and quality of the entire range of

BUSHMILLS Single Malt Irish Whiskies.

    BUSHMILLS Single Malts have been voted the World's Best Single Malt Irish

Whiskies. In March this year, the BUSHMILLS 10, 16 and 21 Year Old Single

Malt Irish Whiskies all won gold medals at the San Francisco World Spirits

Competition, while, in February, BUSHMILLS 21 Year Old Single Malt was also

named the World's Best Irish Single Malt Whiskey at the prestigious World

Whiskies Awards in London.

    Helen Mulholland, Master Blender for BUSHMILLS, said: "We're immensely

proud of our Single Malts. The new packaging builds on that sense of pride

and helps us tell a unique story about 400 years of local Malt distilling


    BUSHMILLS Global Brand Director, Sam Reader, added: "Irish Whiskey is

outperforming the market, growing at 7% year on year, faster than any other

International spirits category*. This is a great opportunity for both

BUSHMILLS and the trade to drive sales of Single Malt Irish Whiskies in a

growing and competitive market.

    "We know that today's consumer wants to know that what they're buying has

real heritage and roots. When they buy BUSHMILLS they know that they are

buying a whiskey with a unique history. As we designed our new packaging we

wanted to create something that would tell that story and emphasise the

authenticity of BUSHMILLS Single Malts. I believe it's something we can all

be very proud of."

    The new packaging is available now in global travel and key Bushmills


    (1) IWSR 2005 - 2009


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