Never Been A Better Time To Explore Veganism

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20th October 2010, 12:15pm - Views: 835

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Never been a better time to explore veganism


The year 2010 has never been a better time to explore what veganism has to offer, according to

event organisers for World Vegan Day 2010 Melbourne. The festival, which will be held on

Sunday October 31 at the Abbotsford Convent, will showcase the best vegan foods and

shopping in Melbourne.


Event spokesperson Mark Doneddu said, “Event organisers were surprised to find that half of

the people who enjoyed the festival last year weren’t vegan, and 80% described ‘organic’, ‘fair

trade’ and ‘locally produced’ as important in their food choices.

‘There is a clear trend across in our community that is demanding clean, natural products -

produced in a way that minimises harm to living beings and the planet.”

The growing community concern at the plight of our planet means the festival is also a chance

for people to reflect on their health, the environment and humanity’s place among other


Mr Doneddu said, “The rates of obesity and diabetes are at record high levels - rising rapidly as

society’s overall consumption of animal products increases.”


World Vegan Day is a chance for many to simply explore an alternate lifestyle that incorporates

healthy, plant-based foods and greater emphasis on prevention of illnesses rather than cures.”

Mr Doneddu also noted that many people are moved by the growing awareness of “cruel”

agricultural practices.

“In the past year we have seen this animal cruelty exposed in mass communication. There has

been an increasing number of exposés in the media on the horrors of factory farming, and more

and more people are thankfully choosing to avoid these horrors by leaving animal products off

the plate.

‘World Vegan Day Melbourne caters well to those who want to be informed, through talks and

cooking demonstrations – as well as those that simply want to enjoy some delicious food,

ethical shopping and enjoy the free all day music stage in the pleasant surrounds of the

Abbotsford Convent.”

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For more information on veganism/vegetarianism in general – start with

Contacts: Mark Doneddu, Media Coordinator 0448 712 063

( or Reece Marks, Media Liaison 0417 156 995



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