New Poll: Australians And Fast Food

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18th April 2010, 11:16am - Views: 769
New Poll: Most Australians think fast food healthy choices are not `fair dinkum'

A new national poll has found that Australians are food savvy and cynical when it comes to so-called healthy options. Two thirds (71%) of Australians believe so-called healthy choice menu options from fast food and take- away chains are just a cover for their unhealthier products.

The Crosby|Textor poll of 800 people across Australia found that less than a quarter of adults (24%) thought the increasingly common healthy alternatives were a real attempt by the industry to promote healthier eating habits. Just 5% were undecided on this question.

Interestingly, parents were equally of the opinion (70%) that the `healthy choice' category was a cover for the more traditional (less healthy) fast food products. They are not fooled by the choices provided to them for their children.

"The results show that people are increasingly looking for proof that fast food corporations have changed. It takes much more these days to convince them that after decades of business as usual, fast food makers really have moved on to reflect community concerns about what we and our children are eating", said Mark Textor, Joint Managing Director of Crosby|Textor.

The same poll found that young people aged 18-34 years were most likely to admit to eating unhealthy takeaway foods within the last week; 40% compared to 24% for the adult population as a whole. Even those indulging in unhealthy foods in the last week were unconvinced of these attempts to promote healthier eating habits, with just 28% of them believing this to be the case.

The Crosby|Textor survey was carried out between March 27- April 1. The statistically significant national sample of n=800 respondents aged 18 years or over was weighted to reflect the latest ABS population statistics.

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Full question asked:

Q1) Thinking now about the healthy choice options that many takeaway and fast food chains are offering, do you think that these are a REAL attempt to promote healthy eating habits to their customers OR do you think they are simply a COVER for their unhealthier products?


Q2) And finally, as I read through some of those activities, I'd like you to tell me whether, on your own assessment, you have personally done that in the last week. Please be as honest as possible here.

SOURCE: Crosby|Textor

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