Wrigley's To Meet Banana Industry Today On Tv Ad Conflict

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30th November 2009, 12:34pm - Views: 738

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30 November 2009

Media release

Wrigley’s to meet banana industry today on TV ad conflict

Wrigley’s and the Australian Banana industry will meet today with a view to resolving their

differences regarding Wrigley’s television ads that the industry says denigrates the health and

nutrition benefits of bananas.

Australian Bananas Marketing Manager, David Chenu says, “There’s a band of extremely

concerned banana growers, wholesalers and retailers who want to see this dispute resolved in a

positive manner.

“That’s because for well over a decade the banana industry has committed significant funds and

effort to educating Australians about the wonderful health and nutrition benefits of bananas

only to be countered by a chewing gum ad that suggests bananas cause tooth decay.

“Representing the banana industry I am committed to delivering an outcome at the meeting; it

cannot be just a friendly chat with a ‘sorry’ at the end,” he says. 

The Australian banana industry’s indignation over a Wrigley’s television commercial and

Wrigley’s non-committal response has prompted a boycott of chewing gum by the industry

because the subject ad has not been withdrawn or modified.

Chenu says, “If the boot was on the other foot and the fresh food industry attacked

confectionery, there would be an outcry.  So in this case it’s quite simple; we want the

nutritional integrity of bananas restored among those who have been subjected to the harmful

messages presented nationally by Wrigley’s.

“We see the banana playing a critical role in body management, particularly as obesity is

uppermost in the minds of governments, the medical profession and educators.  To that end, the

banana industry is committed to continually reinforce the health benefits of Australia’s No1

selling fruit.

“Our goal is reasonable.  We must ensure there is no confusion over the positive health

messages we can communicate about bananas.  This is about making sure the consumer is

always aware of how nutritious a banana can be in so many areas for every Australian,” he says.


David Chenu,

Horticulture Australia Limited

Tel (02) 8295-2381, 

Mobile 0419 318 013

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