Road Safety Infrastructure Assessments For Identified Nsw Aboriginal Communities

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12th November 2009, 06:41pm - Views: 1006

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12 NOVEMBER 2009



In an Australian first, the RTA has led a multi-agency team undertaking road safety

infrastructure assessments for 66 identified Aboriginal communities in NSW.

The RTA working in partnership with Aboriginal Affairs NSW, NSW Aboriginal Land

Councils, Division of Local Government, and individual local councils has carried out road

safety infrastructure assessments for identified Aboriginal communities across the state.  

The multi-agency team led by RTA engaged with local Aboriginal communities who

participated in the assessments and have identified road safety issues to be addressed.

Work carried out included adjusting speed limits, introducing traffic calming measures to

residential areas, widening intersections and improving footpaths for pedestrians.

The assessments were undertaken using safe system principles to improve road safety.

Under the safe system model, roads are managed so as to anticipate and accommodate

drivers and road users' error.

“This road safety project underlines our commitment to improve road safety for Aboriginal

communities,” an RTA Spokesperson said.

“We know that Aboriginal communities have an increased risk of being affected by road

trauma and sadly this trend in NSW is consistent with South Australia, Western Australia

and the Northern Territory.

“The NSW Government has recognised the gap in living conditions experienced by

Aboriginal people and under the NSW State Plan has developed an improvement

strategy and is putting it into action.

“This is an important project and demonstrates how an effective partnership can deliver

road safety improvements that can make a real difference in disadvantaged

communities” an RTA spokesperson said.


Editor’s Note:  ‘Adopting the safe systems approach to road safety for Aboriginal people

in NSW: Safety Assessments of roads and roadsides for Aboriginal communities’ will be

presented at the 2009 Australasian Road Safety Conference,  Sydney, 11-12 November



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