Mr135-10:acma Accepts Enforceable Undertakings From Nine & Win For Dante's Cove

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26th October 2010, 01:49pm - Views: 996

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135 /2010

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26 October 2010

ACMA accepts enforceable undertakings from Nine

and WIN for incorrectly classifying Dante’s Cove

The Nine Network and WIN Corporation will be required to edit or reclassify all

future broadcasts of the television series Dante’s Cove to comply with the

provisions of the MA (Mature Audience) or AV (Adult Violence) classifications,

following enforceable undertakings accepted by the Australian Communications and

Media Authority. 

An episode of the program broadcast by WIN licensee RTQ (GO!) in December

2009 and a different episode broadcast by Nine licensee GTV (GO!) in January

2010 were both incorrectly classified as AV. They contained scenes of sex and

nudity considered high in impact and not suitable for broadcast on commercial

television under the Commercial Television Industry Codes of Practice (the code).

Nine, which has a program supply deal with WIN, classified both episodes.

‘These incorrect classifications are of concern to the ACMA as they are particularly

obvious examples of breaches under the code for sex and nudity scenes, and

should have been easily identified and edited by Nine’s classifiers,’ said ACMA

Chairman, Chris Chapman. ‘These undertakings are aimed at creating an improved

classifications compliance culture at Nine and better oversighting at WIN, while

giving the ACMA an avenue to pursue further remedial action if necessary.’

In addition to editing or reclassifying future broadcasts of Dante’s Cove, the

undertakings offered by Nine and WIN include a range of training and reporting

activities. The Nine Network has also undertaken to ensure that all broadcast

material (other than films) that contain the classifiable element of sex that is strong

in impact, and therefore warrants a classification of MA or AV under the code, be

assessed by at least two classifiers.

ACMA has accepted the undertakings from both Nine and WIN licensees for a

period of two years. 

The RTQ breach was the subject of a previous media release (MR60/2010) in May.

Remedial action on this breach was not finalised at the time as the investigation into

the later broadcast was already underway.

The undertakings can be viewed on the ACMA website [provide link].

Background material on broadcasting codes and how to make a complaint can be

found on the ACMA website.

For more information or to arrange an interview please contact: Donald

Robertson, Media Manager, on (02) 9334 7980, 0418 86 1766 or

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ACMA Media Release

135 /2010

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