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24th September 2008, 05:42pm - Views: 609

Media Release – Photographic Space at Freshwater (Art) 23 September 2008 



24 September, 2008

Melbourne’s Fresh Photographic Space.

New for the art world is the opening of a dynamic Photographic Space at Southbank’s Freshwater

Place Commercial Tower, which will house a rotating photographic exhibition featuring a variety of

talented Australian photographers.  This exhibition is jointly sponsored by Dimension Studios and

the management of Freshwater Place.

Located at 2 Southbank Boulevard, on the southern bank of the river between Southgate and

Crown, Freshwater Place Commercial Tower is one of Melbourne’s landmark buildings.   Externally,

the development provides magnificent views over the river, the city and Melbourne’s great parks

and gardens.  Internally, the amazing architecturally designed foyer offers an ideal location for

Melbourne’s newest Photographic Space.

“We were delighted when Dimension Studios approached us with the idea for creating a space

dedicated to photography exhibitions.  The opportunity to assist Melbourne’s art community is

very exciting.”  Trish Finnegan, Freshwater Place Commercial Management (Jones Lang LaSalle).

Photographic Exhibition:  Inspiring Life – Turn Ideas into Reality

The first exhibition, Inspiring Life, features photographer, John Lane.  John has taken a series of

retro-inspired photographs in Melbourne and Tokyo. 

Each of the 30 pieces included in this exhibition are unique but when displayed as a whole give the

viewer the impression of a short film.   What you take out of this exhibition is up to you and how

you end the film is up to your own imagination.

This series has been an 18 month collaborative effort over Melbourne and Tokyo between

photographer John Lane and Art Director/Model David Morton (A photographer himself). 

In Melbourne, John and David had lots of early mornings around the city and at locations like St

Kilda Pier, which according to John “was a little bit scary at 4 and 5 in the morning with $10,000

worth of camera equipment and just the two of us!”     

John also tells of the funny looks they received in Tokyo, where they shot for five days straight in

mid winter, from dawn to dusk in zero degree with wind chill making it far colder.  One of the

photographs was taken in front of a neon sign saying ‘Love’.  By the time they finished this shot,

with David freezing in his thin clothing, and John had about 10 Japanese behind him also taking

their shots - with their mobile phones!  Throughout the 18 months of the shoot, which was funded

by John and David, they never lost their enthusiasm and passion, and funny experiences like this,

only helped them maintain their commitment.

Media Release – Photographic Space at Freshwater (Art) 23 September 2008 


Lack of Exhibition Space and issue for photographers in Melbourne 

During John and David’s visit to Tokyo, a planned visit to a photographic gallery was stymied when

David arrived to find a sign on the door indicating it was closed due to lack of exhibition.  The

reverse is true in Melbourne, where photographers struggled to obtain a dedicated space for

photographic exhibitions.   Freshwater Place provides a fantastic space to exhibit and showcase the

talent of Australian photographers.

This exhibit is sponsored by Dimension Studios and commenced on 18th September, Ground Floor

foyer at Freshwater Place, 2 Southbank Boulevard.  All are invited to view this exhibition at no

charge.  Inspiring Life runs for 5 weeks from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday and will be followed by

an exhibition focussed around Spring Carnival.

Media opportunities:   Interview opportunities with photographer John Lane and Photo call 10am

Thursday 2nd October 2008 at the exhibition, Foyer, Freshwater Place, 2 Southbank Boulevard.

For further information contact:

Jan Mathewson

Kinc Marketing

Telephone:     03 9510 5836

Mobile:           0418 518 624


Notes for Editors:

John Lane, Photographer, Dimension Studios

John Lane has 25 years experience in photography, with the last 12 years working and developing what

is today recognized as cutting edge digital photography.  John has travelled extensively throughout

Japan, Europe and the USA, and has held a number of successful exhibitions featuring his photography.  

John is also the official photographer for the Melbourne Racing club, the International Air Show and

Maritime Australia exhibition Sydney.

David Morton, Exhibition Art Director and Model, Dimension Studios

David Morton works at Dimension Studios co-ordinating some of their biggest accounts.  His love of

photography, his sense of humour and a keen interest in the 1970’s brought this short film together in

which he art directed, styled and starred in.  His direction has brought art, photography and film


About Dimension Studios

Dimension Studios is highly regarded as one of the finest suppliers of Photography, Graphic Design and

Pre-media services in Australia.  Dimension Studios pioneered digital photography in Australia more than

15 years ago, and their photographers have helped evolve the digital photography revolution ever since.

They employ Australia’s most professional full-time photographers, committed to producing first class


Russ Enticott at Dimension Studios can be contacted on 03 9245 1222.

Freshwater Place, Southbank Boulevard

Freshwater Place, an Australand development, creates the final linkage along the river, joining

Southgate to the Crown promenade.  The development’s north facing riverfront position is one of the

best locations in Melbourne, providing magnificent views over the river, the city and Melbourne’s great

parks & gardens.

Freshwater Place is located in Southbank, strategically positioned between the Crown Entertainment

complex and Southgate, right in the new heart of Melbourne. Federation Square, the National Gallery,

the Concert Hall and the State Theatre are just a short stroll along the river.

Images on page 3 of release ...

Culture Art Dimension Studios 3 image

Culture Art Dimension Studios 4 image

Media Release – Photographic Space at Freshwater (Art) 23 September 2008 


Example of one of the 30 photographs included in the ‘Inspiring Life Exhibition.  Other images can be

supplied upon request.

View of exhibition

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