Melanie's Meal Package Scores A Medal

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15th October 2009, 02:58pm - Views: 646

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Thursday, October 15 2009

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Melanie’s meal package scores a medal

Wantirna South resident Melanie Mackie has hit the big time, winning a bronze award at the

prestigious Southern Cross Package Design Awards. 

Melanie, 20, is completing her Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design at Chisholm Institute of TAFE

(Dandenong) and said she was thrilled to get the Award. 

“This is totally unexpected,” said Melanie, “The Awards are a great way to get exposure in the

industry and it’s really exciting to win.” 

Students taking part in the competition chose the type of package they wanted to design from a list

of categories that included pet food cartons, wine labels and beer packs. Melanie chose to tackle

the ‘Between Meal Snack Food’ category and produced a stylish design that also impressed the

judges with its inventiveness and practicality. 

“The brief said that the product had to be non-refrigerated and non-confectionery, so I researched

the snack food market to see what the competition looked like and then decided on a

microwaveable nachos package,” said Melanie. 

Melanie’s entry, called El Nachos, combined a metallic foil lid, plastic base and recycled paper

wrapper that she decided to leave in its naturally earthy brown colour. In keeping with the Hispanic

theme, the red and green colours of the design and lettering were drawn from the Mexican flag. 

Melanie was one of six students from Chisholm to be singled out by the judges for the excellence of

their entries. The other students included Sarah Moloney, Nicole Jones, Ryan Scharenguivel,

Jacqueline Lin and Charles Lin.

Held at the Pit Lane Building in Albert Park, Melbourne, the Silver Cross Package Design Awards

are conducted by the Packaging Council of Australia and honour outstanding work in the design

field by tertiary design students nationwide. 

“The Awards are a great way for kids to get a feel of the kind of excitement and challenge that are

part and parcel of working in the design industry,” said Gary Heath, Co-ordinator for the graphic

design course. 

Gary co-ordinates Chisholm’s Industry Placement Program and maintains close contact with a

wide variety of design departments and studios. He said that Ryan, Melanie and the rest of the

winners could soon be following in the footsteps of other graduates of Chisholm’s Advanced

Diploma and go on to work in some of Melbourne’s leading advertising and design agencies. 

“They’ve certainly had a great start,” he said. 

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