Memories And Homeland Inspire Award-winning Jewellery

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19th August 2008, 12:11pm - Views: 413

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Memories and homeland inspire award-winning jewellery

Brunswick resident and final-year Master of Fine Art student Nicole Polentas has

been recognised with a major prize, RMIT University’s $2,500 Gold and

Silversmithing Postgraduate and Alumni Award.

Ms Polentas’ award-winning work is inspired by scripts and ideas from her original

homeland – the town of Chania on the Greek island of Crete. 

“I am fascinated by the history and heritage of my homeland and how people’s

memories of history are not necessarily how things happened, or how they have

been written down,” she said.

“Words are always layered with meaning and that is why I used manipulated script

in my pieces to reflect this aspect of memory.”

Ms Polentas also uses features traditionally associated with Greece in her work,

such as the colours blue and white and the third eye symbol.


“I use the third eye in my work as so many stories from Greece and my family are

about watching people and protecting people, and Greece is very much associated

with this symbol and the protection of the evil eye,” she said.

Ms Polentas plans to use her prize money to travel and hopes her experiences

overseas will inspire her future work.

“I want to visit my homeland, Chania and Crete, and see how being there affects

my work and how I feel about my heritage,” she said.

“I wasn’t expecting to win this award, so I was shocked and overwhelmed when I

did – but it was a good feeling! 

“The support I’ve had from staff and other students while studying gold and

silversmithing at RMIT has been amazing and it really gives you the confidence to

take your work to the next level.”


Ms Polentas studied a Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT, specialising in Gold and

Silversmithing, before embarking on her Masters.


Four of Ms Polentas’ award-winning pieces were recently on display at “it’s got

legs”, the RMIT School of Art Gold and Silversmithing Postgraduate and Alumni

Award Exhibition.  

For interviews: Nicole Polentas, 0429 300 322.

For general media enquiries, RMIT University Media and Communications,

Deborah Sippitts, (03) 9925 5047 or 0400 844 075.

19 August, 2008   

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