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Posie Graeme-Evans

Posie Graeme-Evans

In an unforgiving world,

In an unforgiving world,


survival is never black and white

survival is never black and white

ck and white


Set in 1850s England, at the height of Victoria’s reign, Posie Graeme-Evans' glorious fourth novel tells of a

woman ahead of her time. Ellen Gowan is the most famous, and sought after, dress designer in London.

Now her gowns adorn the ladies of England’s aristocracy but life wasn’t

always so blessed.

The only surviving child of a scholarly village parson and a beautiful

woman disowned by her family when she married for love, Ellen’s country

childhood was happy though impoverished. But tragedy strikes on her

thirteenth birthday. Her beloved father dies in a sudden accident.

Penniless, Ellen and her mother must now depend on the uncertain

kindness of long-estranged family.

Life takes Ellen down strange roads of opulence and depravity until, alone

in the world, she lands in the arms of the handsome but dangerous Raoul

de Valentin. They marry and set up a dressmaking business but when

Ellen finds she is with child, Raoul abandons her. Determined she and her

daughter will survive, Ellen begins her long climb to success. At first she

toils in a dress factory but later, with the backing of the man she has

always secretly loved, Ellen opens her own salon. She is an instant

success, yet fear of social disgrace forces her to lie about her past. To the

world and to her child, Ellen is a widow. 

Years pass, and Ellen has become Madame Gowan, the beautiful dressmaker of choice to the Great Six

Hundred, the noble families of England. But then Raoul de Valentin returns. And he threatens to destroy all

that Ellen has achieved. 

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Posie Graeme-Evans

ISBN: 9780731814725

Format: Paperback

Price: $32.99


THE DRESSMAKER is a passionate odyssey that carries readers from the teeming squalor of London’s

brothels to the ballrooms of England’s aristocrats. It tells the story of a true heroine and her quest to find

success, to find love, and to survive in an era when to be independent, and a woman, was not just

scandalous, it was – sometimes – terrifying.

Sacrifice, passion, social intrigue and mystery. Be swept back in time to the world of Ellen Gowan. 


In a career spanning over 25 years Posie Graeme-Evans has embraced writing,

directing and producing as one of Australia’s pre-eminent television

creator/producers.  Named by Variety Magazine as one of “Twenty Significant

Women working in Film & Television” in 2002 – along with Meryl Streep – amongst

many other credits, Posie was the creator/producer of the phenomenally

successful and much loved McLeod’s Daughters and co-creator of Hi-5. The Director

of Drama for the Nine Network, Australia, from December 2002 to November 2005

Posie left this role to concentrate on her career as a novelist and her Sydney-based

production company, Millennium Pictures with husband and creative partner

Andrew Blaxland.

**Posie Graeme-Evans will be available for interviews from October 2010**

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