Dreamworks Confirms Aussie Teen Callan Mcauliffe For - I Am Number 4

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21st May 2010, 03:27am - Views: 579

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DreamWorks confirms Aussie Teen Callan McAuliffe for - I Am Number 4

SYDNEY, Australia, May 20/Medianet International-AsiaNet/ --

  Callan McAuliffe (15) has been cast in a lead role in the DreamWorks feature 


I AM NUMBER 4.  The Steven Spielberg/Michael Bay Produced feature with  DJ 

Caruso Directing. McAuliffe plays 'Sam' the best friend of Number 4 played by 

Alex Pettyfer. Filming in Pittsburgh from next week through until August. 

McAuliffe then returns to Los Angeles for the premiere of his USA

debut role,  as the romantic lead in Rob Reiner's FLIPPED.

   McAuliffe has enjoyed an enormous 12 months since being picked by WME and 

Affirmative Management for representation in the USA and RGM in


   Cast by Rob Reiner last May after his first audition in the USA, McAuliffe 

will make his USA debut in FLIPPED - as "Bryce", Reiner's romantic lead. 

(August 2010 release).

   McAuliffe also plays the lead in the international multi Award Winning 

Australia Short Film FRANSWA SHARL (Berlin Crystal Bear 2010, IF Award, 


   McAuliffe has just completed filming the lead role of Quick Lamb (as a young 

teen) in CLOUDSTREET the major TV miniseries - the biggest production in 

Australian Television in 10 years. Based on the book of the same name, 

CLOUDSTREET is the multi award winning literary masterpiece by author Tim 


   The past year has seen McAuliffe act as a 12 year old cross dressing boy 

trying to gain the attention of his father in FRANSWA SHARL, to a romantic lead 

in Rob Reiner's FLIPPED, to a world weary teen in CLOUDSTREET and now a teen 

role in the sci fi action film for DreamWorks in I AM NUMBER FOUR.

   Prior to 2009 McAuliffe enjoyed guest and recurring roles of

Australian TV series, Comedy Inc, Bluewater High and the Logi (Emmy) Award 

Winning - Packed to the Rafters.

   McAuliffe is represented in the USA by WME and in Australia by RGM


   **USA Manager:

     Nicholas Bogner/Affirmative Entertainment can be contacted 

     for comment on +1 (310) 858 3200 Ext 6.

   *Information on Awards available.

   SOURCE: Australian American Media

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