Exclusives: Abbie Cornish's Sister On Tv, Jane Hall Quits Neighbo

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10th October 2010, 12:00pm - Views: 2278

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EXCLUSIVE: More Neighbours stars quit!

Neighbours has been dealt a massive blow, with two of its leading cast members calling it

quits on the long-running soap.

After only six months playing single dad Declan Napier, Erin Mullally, 20, has announced he’s

leaving, along with his on-screen mother, Jane Hall.

Another name being added to the farewell card is Matt Werkmeister, 18, who has also quit

after five and a half years of playing Zeke Kinski.

“I’ve decided its time to say ‘au revoir’ to Erinsborough,” Jane, 39, told TV WEEK after playing

Rebecca Napier for almost four years.

“It’s sad to be leaving … but I’m looking forward to the future and new and exciting acting

adventures,” she admitted.

EXCLUSIVE: Abbie Cornish’s sister joins Rescue Special Ops

Isabelle Cornish, 16, is set to follow her famous sister Abbie’s footsteps into acting after

signing on to local Nine Network drama Rescue Special Ops.

“It’s my first TV acting role, but I’ve done school plays and stuff like that,” Isabelle says. “I think when I

was little I did a Windex ad or something!”

Well aware people will inevitably compare her to Abbie, Isabelle reasons: “I guess that’s the thing I

can’t control. But I think that, because we’re two different people, it may not really be an issue.”

EXCLUSIVE: Australia’s Next Top Model runner-up Kelsey talks about her private pain

She will be forever known as the girl who had the winner’s crown snatched away from her, but

reality show model Kelsey Martinovich had other things on her mind, admitting she suffered

serious heartache during her time on Australia’s Next Top Model. The 19-year-old from

Sydney is still coming to terms with the devastating death of one of her best friends earlier

this year.

“My friend Dylan was travelling overseas with some of his mates and while he was in Bosnia,

he decided to jump off a bridge for fun,” Kelsey recalls. “It was the middle of winter and the

water was freezing. He did a backflip into the water and didn’t come back up.”

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