Genostv(tm) Announces Tvme(tm): Create, Produce And Manage Your Very Own Television Station

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3rd June 2010, 06:31am - Views: 552

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GenosTV(TM) Announces TVME(TM): Create, Produce and Manage Your Very Own Television


LAS VEGAS, June 3 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

    - TVME(TM) Will Create Jobs and Movie Stars

    - TVME(TM) Creates New Category, IPCABLETV and Revolutionizes Social Networking

    - TVME CELEBRITY(TM) Can Double An Artist's Income While Fans Subscribe To Their

Favorite Celeb's Channel

    Today Genos Announced that TVME will be included in the Genos cable television

service that is being rolled out Q1 2011. It is the next killer app. The service

originates at the Genos.TV site where users login to their TVME dashboard that will

allow them to create a profile, get assigned a permanent channel number, name their

channel, create a channel logo, edit and upload video, promote and monetize their

channel and view their usage statistics.



    There are three categories of TVME: Home, Business and Celebrity.

    TVME Home - Anyone in the world can make their television channel for FREE. If

the user's channel starts to get a lot of viewing on their channel, it will be moved

into the subscription channel section and offered for sale for $1.00 per month per

subscriber. At such time the user will get 50% of the gross revenues. We are hoping

that TVME creates a ton of new movie starts and i-reporters. "It is very possible

that we could have people all over the world making millions of dollars per month

creating shows and funny skits right from home," said Rob Shambro, CEO of Genos. "To

imagine our network consisting of several hundred totally new channels created by the

people is not that farfetched," said Shambro. "There are a lot of really smart people

out there with the skills and tools to produce GREAT content but before today they

had no distribution outlet, with TVME and Genos now they do."

    TVME Business - Every business in the world can make their own television channel

for $195.00 per month. Look at it as a living Yellow Page ad. Their channel will be

listed between the subscribed-to channels of Genos subscribers in the same zip code

of the business. Real estate companies and car dealers can upload their actual

inventory that day and change it as their inventory changes.

    TVME Celebrity - Every celebrity in the world can now contract with Genos to

create their own TV station to be offered for subscription. For example, Mrs. Movie

Star makes MrsMovieStarTV. She is required to create 1 hour of video a day, anything

that is on her mind. We in turn offer the channel to our subscribers for $1.00 per

month. Say she has ten million subscribers signup, worldwide. That's 10M dollars per

month in revenue. Her cut is $7.5M per month. Fans get what they want: more of their

favorite movie star and stars now connect directly with fans. "Tours and appearances

are becoming a greater percentage of celebrity revenues. TVME is the vehicle to

monetize the fan base each and every day," said Shambro. "The ones who take this

seriously will see a whole new level of income."

    About Genos(TM)

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    Genos(TM) is a subsidiary of the ShambroWest Corporation, with offices in Las

Vegas and Amsterdam. It was founded by Rob Shambro, Serial Entrepreneur and founder

of SAVVIS, STREAMSEARCH and ILABS, Mike West, subject matter expert in consumer

electronics and former technical leader at IBM, and Kevin Bachus, creator of the

Microsoft XBOX.

    ShambroWest Corporation has its headquarters in Las Vegas, NV and is being

incubated by Sonnenschein, Nath and Rosenthal. Genos(TM) and ShambroWest Corporation

have recently opened a European headquarters in Amsterdam and are seeking an Asian

headquarters location.

    This press release contains "forward-looking statements" within the meaning of

the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements may

be identified by words such as expects, anticipates, plans, believes, estimates, will

or words of similar meaning and include statements regarding the plans and

expectations for the future. The forward-looking statements contained in this press

release include statements about the conduct of ShambroWest, dba Genos, GenosTV,

TVME, and Cyclops after the transaction and the anticipated timing of the

transaction. Forward-looking statements are based on management's current

expectations and assumptions, which are subject to inherent uncertainties, risks and

changes in circumstances that are difficult to predict and could cause actual

outcomes to differ materially from the expectations of ShambroWest and its

management. For example, if ShambroWest stockholders do not approve the transaction,

or if the necessary regulatory approvals are not obtained, the transaction will not

be consummated. The following factors, among others, could cause actual results to

differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements: risks

associated with uncertainty as to whether the transaction will be completed, costs

and potential litigation associated with the transaction, the failure to obtain

ShambroWest stockholder approval, the inability to obtain, or meet specific

conditions imposed for applicable regulatory approvals relating to the transaction,

the failure of either party to meet the closing conditions set forth in the merger

agreement, the extent and timing of regulatory approvals and the risk factors

discussed from time to time by the company in reports filed with the Securities and

Exchange Commission.


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