India's Secret Geisha History Unveiled In Australia

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18th June 2010, 03:30pm - Views: 793

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18 JUNE 2010


History, music, dance and costumes unveil the secret lives of India’s little known

dancing girls – their stories presented onstage in Australia for the first time. 

Likened to the Geishas in Japan, these dancers were referred to as The Nautch Girls by

the British rulers of India, which also is the name of this musical drama.

Featuring more than 45 dancers and musicians in colourful costumes and jewellery, the

stories of these women will be told live in a performance this August at the Enmore

theatre in Sydney.


The Nautch Girls, has been written by SBS Radio Producer Kumud Merani who, after

months of research, unveils the real life stories of the entertainers who were dazzling

their audiences for three centuries, long before Bollywood made its mark. 

Kumud Merani says, “It throws light on the life stories, contributions and tribulations of

India’s courtesans often shrouded in dark shadows”.

The musical focusing on a young Australian girl who heads to India on a special mission,

highlights the cross-cultural ties not only between India and Australia but other Asian and

European countries as well. 

Pip Moore says, “It interweaves history, drama and dance, I think people will get drawn

into the history of these women who had such influence on both the culture and the

political history of India, but the dancing and costumes really make this story sparkle”.

With more than a dozen classical and Bollywood dance numbers, the show traces the rise

and demise of the dancing girls from the Mughal period of the 17th Century through the

British Raj to present times.

Ruchi Sanghi, who runs an Indian dance school, is the choreographer for the show. She

says the show is an opportunity for people to watch KATHAK- a classical dance that

originated more than 2000 years ago, but which has had little exposure in Australia.

This is the first time the lives of the Dancing Girls has taken place on stage providing

Australian audiences with an insight into the culture of these special women.

The Nautch Girls, Enmore Theatre, 130 Enmore Road Enmore

21 August 2010, Time: 0600 pm  Tickets: Ticketek

High Resolution photographs available.

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