Jon Stevens' Statement

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10th June 2010, 09:01pm - Views: 579

Jon Stevens' Statement

Following publication in The Daily Telegraph on 9 June 2010 in 'Sydney Confidential", Noiseworks frontman, Jon Stevens has today issued a statement:

"I received a copy of The Daily Telegraph article titled "Jon Stevens Anger At Music Moguls" on my arrival in Malaysia on Wednesday morning. I am appalled by the statements in the article, specifically the title.

For the record, I am not angry at anyone, in particular Sony Music or Denis Handlin. I am disgusted at the tone of the article, considering I have ongoing business with Sony and have the utmost respect for Denis, his staff and Sony's continuing support of Australian artists.

The reference in the article which "likened the major record labels to criminal organisations" were not my words. I never made such a statement. There was a conversation that took place with Amy Harris of the Daily Telegraph, the context of that conversation made no specific reference to Denis and was in no way directed at Denis. My comments to the journalist were more on the subject of the changing nature of the recording industry in general and not directed to any one organisation or person.

I am bitterly disappointed that this article may have jeopardised my long-standing friendship of over 20 years with Denis and Sony Music. It was never my intention to upset my friends, particularly when some of my best friends are music moguls."

Jon Stevens

SOURCE: Jameson PR

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