Unlikely Cast Of Celebrities Turn Actors For One Night Only In Emerald City

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15th June 2010, 01:55pm - Views: 771

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June 15, 2010  


Unlikely Cast Of Celebrities Turn Actors For Charity 

Ian Thorpe, John Singleton, Ita Buttrose, Robyn Nevin Join a Galaxy Of Stars In A

Unique David Williamson Production

An unlikely cast of Australian celebrities-turned-actors will battle for ego supremacy without a safety net

for One Night Only In Emerald City - all in the name of charity.

Eleven well-known identities have signed on for what promises to be one of the most unique and high-

profile charitable events of the year. One Night In Emerald City will be performed at the Sydney Theatre

Company on Sunday July 18th

, 2010.   

With major sponsor, Hemisphere Financial Solutions confirmed, the play will be directed by Jonathan

Biggins and MC’d by Amanda Keller (2WS and Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation).   

This one-off theatrical performance will feature Ian Thorpe (former Olympic swimmer), John Singleton

(entrepreneur) and his singer/songwriter daughter, Sally, Ita Buttrose (media identity), Robyn Nevin

(actress), Mikey Robins (Good News Week) Brendan ‘Jonesy’ Jones (breakfast presenter2WS), Lucy Bell

(actress), Fiona O’Loughlin (Comedian) and David Field (City Homicide). All the non-actors are playing

their alter egos which have been devised by themselves.

The play will see Ian Thorpe playing his nominated alter-ego…a serial killer with a conscience, Ita

Buttrose playing a Hungarian Jewish woman with a taste for fashion and great accents, John Singleton

will play a cranky old man and Brendan Jones is a dare-devil skate boarder who snipped himself too


David Williamson has revived the original characters in Emerald City and written special roles for this

unique cast to read.  What the audience will be seeing is actually David Williamson’s EMERALD CITY 11


a look at the Emerald City right now.  It will be a scurrilous, opinionated and accurate look at a politically,

socially and artistically mismanaged city that any sane person would be fleeing to go and live in

Melbourne.   Colin, a playwright is obviously not sane. He has come to the Emerald City thinking it still

has its sparkle, but the glitter has gone.  It’s infrastructure is crumbling due to decades of Governmental

neglect, but the mad scramble for money has only intensified and people still pay crazy money for

crumbling piles of residential junk, as long they have harbour glimpses. Colin’s wife Kate is very dubious

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about the shift.  With good reason.  Only the big players can survive in this jungle and has Colin got what

it takes/ Probably not.  David promises no one will leave the theatre not offended.

This group of celebrities have been persuaded to come out of their comfort zones with the aim of raising

money for their favourite charities by sports teacher, Tanya Lee, who is making her debut as a theatrical


Chairperson of the CorriLee Foundation, Tanya came up with this unique concept to raise money for her

charity and others.  The Sydney based CorriLee Foundation is a fundraising entity that is named after

Corrie Lee (Tanya Lee’s Grandmother). Her virtues and a never-give-up attitude inspired her family to

maintain the perseverance, determination, optimism, generosity, kindness and commitment that Corrie

Lee lived her life by.  The CorriLee Foundation in its 2 year history has raised money for SANE Australia,

Oasis (Sydney’s homeless youth),   AFAP (The Australian Foundation for the peoples of Asia and the

Pacific),   Educating Africa, ASCA (Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse), The Prostate Foundation of

Australia &  Medecins Sans Frontieres.

Tanya was more surprised than anyone when David Williamson and the cast of high profile identities

agreed to participate in this unique production.

I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.  Everyone I approached surprisingly agreed to participate,

starting with David, who agreed to adapt his wonderful play and its characters for these amazing and

brave people to perform,” she said. “This act of generosity gives us a unique opportunity to raise money

for our charities and that’s what it’s all about. I cannot wait to see what this medley of celebrities will bring

to the stage; it’s going to be a very special evening.” 

Major sponsor of the event is Hemisphere Financial Solutions.  Napoleon will do the cast makeup and

Joh Bailey is responsible for hair.

One Night In Emerald City will be held at the Sydney Theatre on Sunday July 18th, 2010.   VIP Premium

Tickets are $200 and remaining tickets are $100 and on sale through the Sydney Theatre Company on

(02) 9250 1777. All money raised on the night will go to the performers individual charities of choice and

the CorriLee Foundation.


Robyn Nevin - (Elaine, the role originally played by Ruth Cracknell) - Robyn's charity choice -

Anti Slavery Project

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Lucy Bell  -   (Kate, the role originally played by Robyn Nevin) - Lucy’s charity choice - The Deb

Bailey Foundation

Mikey Robins - (2 roles -  a sex slave importer and lecherous book publisher) Mikey’s charity

choice - Mirabel Foundation

Sally Singleton - (sexy airhead, Helen, the role played by Nicole Kidman in the film adaptation) -

Sally's charity of choice - Perry Cross Foundation

John Singleton – (A cranky old man) - John's charity of choice - The Gut Foundation

Brendan Jones (Seth Eagle, the oldest functioning dare-devil skate boarder who snipped

himself too soon)- Jonesy charity of choice - Raising Hope for Brittany

Ian Thorpe – (Dexter, the lovable serial killer)- Ian’s charity of choice - Ian Thorpe's Fountain

for Youth

Fiona O’Loughlin ( Maureen, a middle aged, closet drinking Deputy Principal with a heart of

copper)- Fiona's charity of choice - Angel Flight Australia

Ita Buttrose –( A Hungarian Jewish woman with a taste for fashion and great accents) - Ita's

charity of choice - Macular Degeneration Foundation

David Field - (Mike) - David's charity of choice - Access Community Group

Director Jonathan Biggins Jonathan’s charity of choice - The Actors Benevolent Fund NSW

David Williamson – David’s charity of choiceThe Westmead Medical Research Foundation

Movement Disorder Unit with clinical research into Parkinson’s Disease


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