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Media Release - July 6, 2010




Presented by William Zappa in partnership with 

Darlinghurst Theatre Company 

10 – 22 August

In this great show, William Zappa celebrates the transformative power of

theatre and its layers” The Australian

Winter’s Discontent, the compelling solo work by acclaimed actor William

Zappa is being presented at the Darlinghurst Theatre, Sydney in August

10—22, following seasons in Canberra, Byron Bay and Parramatta.

As aging actor Robert Winter (Zappa) sits backstage on an interminable tour

of the one man show, Eleven Episodes from the Torture, Trial and Execution

of Monsieur Thénardier, he reflects on art and artifice, deceit and

disenchantment, struggling to live up to his creed, ‘the show must go on’. The

line between play-acting and reality blurs in the work. 

In this tour-de-force from one of Australia’s finest actors, William Zappa

creates a portrait of an artist disillusioned with the artifice he is forced to live

by. Deceived by the promise of his art, Winter struggles to cover his

discontent with the actor’s mask - a mask which is ultimately revealed and

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reflected by the audience. With a command of language and stage craft that is

astonishing, Zappa celebrates “the craft and […] the struggles of an actor’s

life with all its ups and downs”, exposing the actor’s joy and despair, and the

demons and the tragedy of his hero’s life.

While I was waiting to go on stage for my last scene I started slowly

changing expressions while looking in the mirror and listening to the

music of the show coming through the dressing room loud speaker"

said Zappa. "I was very excited by the simplicity and theatricality of what

I was seeing. I thought I must put that in a play."

William Zappa is one of Australia’s finest actors, best known for his award-

winning work with Bell Shakespeare, Sydney Theatre Company and

Ensemble Theatre. After training at London’s Central School of Speech and

Drama, Zappa’s career has crossed continents and spanned more than three

decades of elite performances in film, television, and theatre. He played

thirteen different characters in The Government Inspector, winning a Green

Room Award for Best Actor, and has twice received major awards for his

portrayal of Thénardier, the Inn Keeper in Les Misérables who inspired him to

write Winter’s Discontent.

Writer/Performer: William Zappa

Director : Maeloisa Stafford

Performer : Jeanette Cronin


Duration : 1hr 15mins, no interval

Preview : 10 August 8pm                          

Opening Night : 11 August 8pm

Playing : 12 – 22 August

Post-show Discussion with Jonathan Biggins 12 August 9.30pm

Tues – Sat 8pm 8pm

Sun 5pm

Matinee Sat 14 & 21 August 4pm

Matinee 18 August 2pm


Darlinghurst Theatre

19 Greenknowe Ave, Potts Point

Ph 9331 3107



Media Enquiries: The Lantern Group / Niki White

P: (02) 9383 4038  M: 0403 176988 / niki@lanterngroup.com.au

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