Honoring Iranian Woman Neda, Today, Martin Place, 4.30pm

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3rd August 2009, 02:37pm - Views: 916

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Australian Supporters of Democra©cy in Iran

Austrralian Supporrterrs of Democcra&copy;cy in Iran

Australian Supporters of Democra&#38;copy;cy in Iran

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a&#38;#38;#38;copy;cy in Iran


Mohammed Sadeghpour


Telephone: 0415 - 536 443

Peter Murphy


Telephone: 02 - 9211 4164

Treasurer - Mohammed Sadeghpour

Secretaries  - Peter Murphy & Fr Claude Mostowik


Dr Meredith Burgmann MLC  - Penny Sharpe MLC - Sylvia Hale MLC

Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans MLC - Bruce Childs - Dr Jocelynne A. Scutt - Dr Nina Burridge - Professor Stuart Rees 

Kerry Heubel - Richard Walsham 

Media Alert

August 3, 2009

Memorial for 40th day of


Iranian woman slain by sniper in Tehran, June 20, 2009

Support rally for the

Iranian People’s Uprising

for Democracy

Protest Iraqi Police attack on Iranians at Ashraf City

Today, Martin Place, 4.30-5.30pm

(between Phillip & Macquarie Sts)

Speakers include John Kaye (Greens MLC);Jurist Dr Jocelynne Scutt

On June 20 2009 and afterwards, the Iranian security forces used snipers to shoot

down over 200 unarmed protesters calling for democracy. Masses of Basij militia

brutally assaulted the people on the streets, up to last Friday’s events in the Tehran

cemetery and city square. Many of those arrested have also been tortured to death

in detention, and some bodies have been recovered.

This solemn event in Martin Place is part of a world-wide wave of emotion,

condolence and protest in the Iranian community and through the entire global

democratic community.

Honour, respect and remember Neda Agh Soltan, Kianoosh Asa, Sohrab

Ahrabi, Mehrdad Mohammadi and hundreds more…

From July 28, over 2000 heavily armed Iraqi police have attacked over 3,500 Iranian

democracy activists living at Ashraf City, Iraq – at the request of the Iranian

Supreme Leader. Twelve have been killed, including six by sniper or machine gun

fire, and over 500 injured by violent bashing with clubs.

For further information: 

Peter Murphy 

0418 312 301; Mohammad Sadeghpour

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