Aussie Company Takes Practical Approach In The Fight Against Obesity

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4th September 2009, 12:00pm - Views: 2052

Aussie Company takes practical approach in the fight against obesity

There is lots of talk about the Australian obesity epidemic, which has been fuelled in part by our

increasing consumption of junk food, but one Aussie company is doing more than just talk in the

fight against obesity.

Last year Sultry Sally launched an innovative, almost no-fat potato chip made on a potato farm at

Hanwood in the Riverina, using a unique, Australian invented process.

Now, after extensive consultation with consumers, Sultry Sally have re-launched with a new and

improved, even better tasting product with around 7 to 8 times less fat than a normal potato chip.

The new and improved Sultry Sally 95% fat free chips, have just half a teaspoon of fat (1.5g) per 30g

serving, and are made with only the very best locally grown Australian potatoes. 

Gluten- free and preservative- free these snacks are not 'rice cracker' imitations. They are made with

pure, whole potatoes and have more than 4g of protein per bag and nearly the same nutrients as

fresh potato.

Part of the secret manufacturing process includes boiling potatoes in their skin, then roasting in olive

and sunflower oils keeping fat content low, but flavour high. 

The four chip flavours are Sea Salt, Salt and Vinegar, Thai Sweet Chilli & Lime and Cheese & Onion. 

Sultry Sally chips have won a number of awards including - Winner in the Healthy Chips Category –

Slimming & Health Magazine Awards 2009.


“We listened to our customer feedback telling us they loved the idea of very low fat 'real' potato

chips”, said Tim Pethick,  “but, for some people our chips were a little dry, so we added just 2% more

of the good oils which has made the taste and the mouth feel so much better.”

“Our target market is primarily women who often skip meals as they juggle families and careers”,

said Pethick, “Now they can reach for a snack which is tasty and guilt free." 

The new and improved Sultry Sally, Guilt-Free, Potato Chips are available from selected Woolworths

Supermarkets and independent stores. Now in both a 75g, and super convenient 45g on-the-go,

For all press and media enquiries contact or call office: (02) 8090 7860. Tim

Pethick Mob: 0412139302

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About Sultry Sally

Sultry Sally’s Deli Chip Company is backed by Nick Moraitis, Australia’s king of fresh fruit and

vegetables (, and is marketed by Tim Pethick, the founder of nudie juice.

Sultry Sally Chips are made in a purpose-built factory in Hanwood, in the NSW Riverina district, using

locally produced potatoes grown by the owners of the business.

About Australian Potato Chip Consumption

Potato chips remain Australia’s favourite snack food, accounting for more than 54% of savoury

snacks consumed in 2008. But in a definitely non-sporting clash of nations, Australia is racing to

catch up with the UK, USA and Canada as per capita consumption of potato chips in Australia grows

faster than anywhere else.


new survey reports that nearly 50% of all Australian school children between the ages of 11-14

prefer chips as their after school snack. * But kids are not alone.

On average a typical Australian consumed 2.5 kg of chips in 2008. This is the equivalent of 25 100g

packs each.

There are more than 6 teaspoons of oil in an average 100g pack of chips, so our chip consumption

habits see us consuming the equivalent of 750ml (3/4 litre) of oil a year just through our chips.

In comparison a 45g bag of Sultry Sally low fat chips contains less than a half a teaspoon of oil. This

is around 7 times less fat than a normal potato chip.

(picture from a British Heart Foundation’s ad campaign)


*Survey commissioned by the Federation of Bakers on Aus Food news site:


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