Aussie Drinks Company Voted World's Best New Juice - Beats Pepsico And Coca-cola

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16th September 2009, 11:32am - Views: 725

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100 % Australian Fruit     +     Pressurised Cold     +     Just Picked Taste     =     Preshafruit





Innovative Australian food and beverage company Preshafood Limited has beaten entries from

beverage giants PepsiCo and Coca-Cola, at the prestigious international Beverage Innovation Awards

held at Drinktec in Germany overnight. Drinktec is the premier event showcasing global innovations in

beverage and liquid food technology and the Beverage Innovation Awards are the Oscars equivalent

for the beverage industry.

Preshafood has taken out first prize in the ‘Best New Juice or Juice Drink’ and the overall award across

the 24 award categories ‘Best New Beverage Concept’. The Company’s Preshafruit juice range was

selected as the best product from over 340 entries from 40 countries. Preshafood was also a finalist in the

‘Best Newcomer Brand or Business’. In winning these awards, Preshafood has further cemented

Preshafruit’s position as a significant player in the highly competitive and developed non-alcoholic

beverages industry. 

The unique high pressure processing (HPP) technology that developed these innovative juices uses a

technique where the fruit is subjected to over 6000 times the normal atmospheric pressure to pasteurise

food products. This process promotes vitamin and nutrient retention, longer shelf-life, superior taste and

smell and enables a myriad of opportunities in the food and beverage industry. Preshafruit juices are

available in Coles nationally and Woolworths Victorian and NSW stores.

In commenting on Preshafood’s award success in the international arena, Preshafood’s Managing

Director Andrew Gibb said:

These awards legitimise Preshafood’s HPP method and add further credibility to the excellence of the

products which were first developed at CSIRO's Food Science Australia.  The unique benefits of HPP are

that it kills microbes such as yeasts, moulds and bacteria and extends the shelf-life of chilled perishable

products without adversely affecting the food’s freshness, flavour, colour, texture and nutritional value.” 

“Preshafruit juices are a standout on the supermarket shelves because of our unique packaging, the all

important 100% Australian fruit, and the critical components of no added concentrates, sweeteners,

colours or preservatives.” 

Preshafood is listed on the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) to fund the further expansion of

the Company. ASSOB is Australia's largest unlisted securities platform that showcases investment

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