Lunch Boxes Should Pack A Nutritious Punch!

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13th January 2010, 07:41pm - Views: 648

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Media Release

January 13 2010

Lunch boxes should pack a nutritious punch!

Nutrition Australia and Dairy Australia are encouraging parents to make a healthy start to

the 2010 school year by packing a nutritious lunch box.

“Providing a diet full of nutrient-rich foods is one of the most important ways parents can

help ensure their children remain healthy,” said Accredited Practising Dietitian and

spokesperson for Nutrition Australia, Aloysa Hourigan.

“Food eaten at school ideally provides up to a third of a child’s daily food intake. So packing

a healthy lunch box can make a significant contribution to a child’s overall nutrient intake”

Ms Hourigan said.

“The easiest way to make sure you provide the right foods in your child’s lunchbox is to

include as many nutrient rich foods as possible, like milk, yogurt, cheese, fruit, vegetables,

lean meat, fish, eggs, nuts, wholegrain bread, rice and pasta.”

Dairy Australia dietitian Glenys Kerrins agrees, “It is important to offer children foods that

are packed with the nutrients they need to grow and stay healthy rather than less nutritious

foods that provide calories but few nutrients.” 

“Dairy foods like milk, cheese and yogurt are packed with 10 essential nutrients children

need everyday to promote growth and development” Ms Kerrins said.

The most recent National Nutrition Survey highlighted the need to encourage children to eat

a more varied and healthy diet. Of particular concern was the fact that the majority of

Australian children are not getting enough calcium.

“The school years are a critical time for building peak bone mass. Including three serves of

dairy every day will ensure children get the calcium they need for healthy bones and teeth.” 

A serve of dairy is a cup of milk, a tub of yogurt or 2 slices (40g) of cheese. Here are some

great lunch box ideas that can help children get their three serves of dairy every day:

Freeze flavoured milk or yogurt the night before. This will not only keep the rest of

the lunchbox cool but also makes a yummy treat

Include cheese portions with dried fruit and biscuits

Yogurt and muesli mix

Cut the crusts off a slice of bread, spead some light cream cheese and top with

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Level 5

T +61 3 9694 3777

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Dairy Australia Limited


ABN 60 105 227 987

sliced ham and a cheesestick, roll up firmly to create delicious Cheesy Roll Arounds. 

Savoury cheese muffins make a great alternative to sandwiches. 

Sandwich dried apricots together with spreadable cream cheese. 

Spread pita bread with hommus, grated carrot, lettuce, tomato and grated cheddar

cheese and roll up into a wrap. 

For more tips you can view Dairy Australia’s Healthy Lunch Box video at



For more information or interviews contact:

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