Nsw Legislation Conflict Discriminates Against Nsw Liquor Stores

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11th November 2009, 04:53pm - Views: 809

NSW Legislation conflict discriminates against NSW Liquor Store customers, staff and operators

The Liquor Stores Association of NSW has sought the intervention of Premier Nathan Rees to resolve a serious conflict between two pieces of NSW Legislation, which discriminates against regular customers, staff and owners of NSW Packaged Liquor Stores.

The NSW Liquor Act 2007 permits Retail Packaged Liquor Stores to trade during normal hours on Boxing Day, plus Easter Sunday and ANZAC Day. However, under a recent change those days are now considered restricted days for NSW Liquor Stores under the NSW Shop Trading Act 2008, for no apparent or logical reason, while Hotel Licences are exempt from these restrictions!

LSA NSW are concerned this has created an uneven playing field by requiring NSW Packaged Liquor Licences to close on those days, while providing an exemption for Hotel Licences and so directly discriminates against competition from the 1600 odd Packaged Liquor Licensees in NSW, inconveniences their customers and also means that their staff no longer have the option of working on those days.

In a new twist, following recent amendments to the Shop Trading Act, each Packaged Liquor Store operator may now also required to apply individually to seek any exemption to the trading restrictions.

LSA NSW believes this requirement is an inefficient and excessively red tape approach to further regulate and restrict normal operation of NSW Liquor Store businesses.

While some exemptions may apply for some businesses, it is difficult for small businesses to work through the red tape to determine if they are exempt. We believe this process will be fraught with potential for mistakes or oversight and unintentionally expose many borderline small to medium business operators to prosecution.

This appears inconsistent and at odds with the NSW Government's stated position, where Premier Nathan Rees on June 11, 2009, when launching the NSW Government Public Sector Reform, "Mr Rees said the reforms will free up resources for frontline services, cut red tape for business and reduce overlap and barriers between agencies" (Premier announces historic public sector reform June 11, 2009 NSW Govt Website)

There appears to be no logical reason for this anomaly and in a very competitive market environment where many small and medium businesses are struggling, it can only discourage their regular customers, cause more hardship for those employers and removes the opportunity for their staff who choose to work on those days.

For further information, contact:

Terry Mott
[email protected]

Giuseppe Minissale

Liquor Stores Association of New South Wales Incorporated
Level 1,
Suite 5,
3 Spring St,
ABN 15-451307182
P (02)-9247-8388
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Website www.lsansw.com.au

SOURCE: Woolworths Limited
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