Perk Up Your Tastebuds And Not Your Lunch

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10th November 2009, 04:38pm - Views: 800


10 November 2009

Perk up your tastebuds and not your lunch!

As summer sets in, so does the Aussie wanderlust as we head to the roads, skies and high

seas for solace, sun and fun.

But the fun and excitement of a long-awaited holiday can come to a crashing and embarrassing

halt when the dreaded signs of motion sickness surface. 

A timely new addition to Woolworths’ confectionery aisles is Buderim Naturals new Traveller’s

Friend chewy ginger treats, containing real ginger and perfect for long trips as a palate pick-me-


The world’s largest processor of confectionery ginger is Australia’s Buderim Ginger on

Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, which is working closely with the scientific world to unlock the

secrets of this unusual looking rhizome or root that has been used as a traditional remedy for

stomach upsets and motion sickness for thousands of years.

“Ginger has been revered for centuries for its medicinal properties and today, many formal

studies are taking place around the world to test the claims,” said Buderim Ginger’s national

retail marketing manager, Mark Stanley.

One of the more famous reports on the effects of ginger on motion sickness was reported in the

British medical journal The Lancet ¹.

In this clinical trial, 39 men and women who had "very high susceptibility to motion sickness"

were tested. Motion sickness was induced under controlled conditions and it was found that

ginger was significantly more effective in reducing motion sickness than the antihistamine

dimenhydrinate and a placebo.

Even the crazy Canadians from the cult TV program Mythbusters put their bellies on the line to

test ginger’s effectiveness against motion sickness and gave it the thumbs up over other motion

sickness products tested ².

While Traveller’s Friend Chewy Ginger Treats are a new spicy adult confectionery that will

enliven the tastebuds, who knows… they might even help keep your lunch down too!


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Motion sickness, ginger, and psychophysics. Mowrey, D.B., Clayson, D.E.?LANCET 1 (8273):

655-7 (Mar 1982)



Editor’s note:  For complimentary samples of Traveller’s Friend or images, please contact

Corina Ammann below.

Traveller’s Friend can be found throughout Woolworths stores nationally with a RRP of


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