Sam Kekovich Names And Shames Local Perpetrators Of Unaustralianism

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22nd January 2010, 06:55pm - Views: 786

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Friday, January 22

Sam Kekovich has just touched down in Australia following his inaugural mission as Australia’s first

Lambassador. Having taken his proposal for International Australia Day to the United Nations and

Donald Trump in New York, reviewed Curtis Stone’s G’day USA menu in LA and encouraged the

entire world to become more like Australia, Sam is back in town for his highly anticipated local rant. 

In an attempt to remind fellow Australians to throw a lamb chop on the barbie and celebrate

International Australia Day on January 26, Sam has named and shamed those guilty of gross acts of

local unAustralianism over the last year:

“My fellow Australians, 

As Lambassador of our great nation, I’ve been urging the rest of the world to follow our

example and eat lamb on International Australia Day.

But that doesn’t mean us Aussies should rest on our laurels. UnAustralian behaviour was still

a very real problem in Australia over the last year. For example:

Vegemite, a national icon, was smeared with the name iSnack2.0. iSack would have

been more appropriate – the whole marketing department, for starters. (Or maybe

iRack, for a bit more of a lamb flavour.)

What about shock jock Kyle Sandilands? If he put a lamb cutlet in his mouth now and

then, instead of his foot, he might not have been punted so often.

Speaking of the Punter, what was Ricky Ponting doing popping Swisse vitamin pills

during the Ashes, instead of a few nutritious, juicy Aussie lamb chops? He was doing

ads for them as well. No wonder the Poms got the better of us.

And while I’m on the Poms, what about Prince William coming over for a visit, but

not hanging around for Australia Day? Thank goodness he attended a lamb barbie

while he was here, or he shouldn’t have bothered coming at all.

So the message is clear: unAustralianism remains a threat to our way of life. Which is why on

International Australia Day, every Aussie needs to join the rest of the planet, in throwing lots

of nice juicy lamb chops on the barbie”.

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