Flashbulbs, Flames And The Fabulous Lit Up Lauderdale!

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2nd November 2010, 07:55pm - Views: 1523

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Flashbulbs, Flames and The Fabulous Lit Up Lauderdale!

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 2, 2010 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ --

    The glitterati and literati were out Wednesday night in celebration of

author Paul Pope's The Deeds of My Fathers VIP party at Ferrari-Maserati.

    International tennis star, Anna Kournikova stirred a frenzy when she

graced the red carpet with her mile-long legs. She came out to support the

book as its "coming to America" story resonates with the stunning soon-to-be

US citizen.

    The true story reads like a cross between "...The Godfather and Citizen

Kane..." states author Peter Quinn. The pages detail how tabloid journalism

was created while Gene Pope Sr. built the scandalous National Enquirer. Back

room politics, mob-related deals and celebrity connections are revealed over

a three generational span.

    Mr. Pope, son of what became one of America's wealthiest and most

influential families, was introduced at the podium by paesano Federico

Castelluccio, bad-boy of the Sopranos. He too shares a similar Italian family

background -- his made their way to the States and survived building the

subways in New York.

    In between the party-going tycoons and tawdry were model/actresses and

bejeweled performers entertaining the packed house with electric violins,

opera and flaming acrobatics throughout the night.

    Reality star of Housewives of NY, Kelly Bensimon, who is anything but --

came out to support Pope and The American Heart Association benefiting from

the evening. Brooklyn born Joey Fatone, who was totally "N'SYNC" with the

evening's Italian theme, had plenty of fans in the crowd. Food and drink

flowed all night against the backdrop of the sleekest Italian imports on four

wheels. This extravaganza followed the New York launch attended by Kathleen

Turner, Tony LoBianco, the Soprano's Aida Tutoro, Scarface producer Marty

Bregman and a bevy of reality TV stars.

    International licensing has been granted in the UK to Scribe Publishers

and in Australia to Quartet Publishers where readers can grab a copy starting

in early 2011. Other European markets are expected to quickly follow. The

Deeds of My Fathers is currently in movie deal negotiations. We can only

speculate which of our favorite leading men may be up for the unscrupulous


    Additional photos available.

    SOURCE:  The Deeds of My Fathers

    CONTACT: Mindy

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             or Lauren


             both for The Deeds of My Fathers



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