Singapore Gets Another First With Great Wall Tv Package On Kylintv

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19th October 2010, 09:27am - Views: 584

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Singapore Gets Another First With Great Wall TV Package on KyLinTV

SINGAPORE, Oct. 18 /PRNewswire-Asia-AsiaNet/ --

Come Monday, October 18th, Chinese-speaking residents in Singapore would wake up to the choice of another

new 31 Chinese channels package from KyLinTV -- a new IPTV service provider making its entrance into the

Singapore market following a proven success in North America and Europe. 

    Singapore also marks KyLinTV's debut as the first country in Asia to tune in to this Chinese channels package --

Great Wall TV package. It consists of 18 channels which includes the line-up of CCTV-4, CCTV-News, CCTV-

Opera, China Movie, Beijing TV, Dragon TV, Hunan TV, JiangSu TV and ZTV (ZheJiang TV), just to name a few.

Great Wall TV package is the flagship product of China International Television Corporation's (CITVC) in its effort

to reach out to Chinese overseas in its highest form of Chinese language programming standard; illustrated below


    -- CCTV-4, a news channel featuring up-to-minute news and current affairs 

       programmes from China and around the world;  

    -- Chinese Movie Channel, a 24/7 movie channel offering the best selection 

       of films from China's prolific movie industry, ranging from the elegant 

       classics to the most avant-garde entries of the new generation;  

    -- CCTV-Opera, with a non-stop panoply of Beijing and other first class 

       operas to satisfy the tastes of Chinese opera buffs; and; 

    -- CCTV-Entertainment, a variety channel allowing Singaporean subscribers 

       to keep up with the latest developments in Chinese culture with its wide 

       line-up of superb variety shows.

    Other than Great Wall TV Package, Singapore's Chinese residents can also look forward to more channels on

KyLinTV's offering which includes 24-hour Chinese soap opera on KunLun TV and YangTze Drama; edutainment &

kids programme on KyLin Kids and Chinese Culture. Not forgetting, the business news & current affairs programme

on Trading Day and last but not least, lifestyle programme on KyLinTV Leisure. Also, joining the KyLinTV Basic's

14-channels package are the widely well-received channels by North American viewers are US TV Business, US

TV News, KyLinTV Variety, MASTV and Oriental Education.

    KyLinTV customers can enjoy a simple plug-and-play setup with any broadband network connection, set-top box

(STB) and TV. Unlike the STB from current payTV service operators in Singapore, KyLinTV customers can watch

their favourite programmes anywhere with a simple broadband connection even when they are holidaying

overseas. Another not to be missed feature is their 48hr Playback STB feature which record all programmes for all

channels allowing customer the convenience of playing back past programmes without the hassle of advance

recording or the frustration of missed recorded favourite programmes.   

    CITVC Vice President Wei Ping spoke enthusiastically of the cooperation, saying, "As the most important

Chinese TV channel platform outside of China, the Great Wall TV package is a window connecting the latest

members of the Chinese diaspora with their home countries. The latest partnership between CITVC and KyLinTV

will provide them access to the best in Chinese television programming, enabling viewers to keep a close eye on

what is going on in their hometown, meanwhile, the release of Great Wall TV on KyLinTV Singapore will provide all

Chinese residents here who are interested in China with a better way to study the Chinese language and discover

Chinese culture."

    KyLinTV president Duan Jianbing shared, "Singapore has both high ethnic Chinese population and good

broadband infrastructure provides KyLinTV a good platform. As a new payTV provider in town to reach out our

target audience fast, through the use of IPTV technology and strong Chinese contents, I believe KyLinTV's many

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advantages, including its advanced technology, the professional team, the excellent customer service and mature

marketing strategy, all combine to ensure that this same high quality of service will be delivered to its new

Singapore subscribers just like how we delighted the North American and European, while providing a bridge

linking the members of the Chinese diaspora to their hometowns. That's not all, KyLinTV would continue to bring in

new innovations and work with more channel partners to offer more contents relevant for the multi-racial society

like Singapore."

    According to Billy Tianbo Huang, General Manger of KyLinTV Asia Pacific, Singapore will be the regional hub

and KyLinTV will expand into other ASEAN countries with huge Chinese populations like Indonesia, Thailand,

Vietnam, the Philippines, Australia and Japan. "Wherever there are Chinese and the Internet, KyLinTV will be

there, " said Huang. 

    About China International Television Corporation

    China International Television Corporation (CITVC), the largest and most profitable media company in China, is

the global marketing agent for programme copyrights owned by CCTV.  As the exclusive overseas copyright agent

for the Chinese TV Program Export Association, CITVC is the sole company approved by Chinese authorities to

deal with mainland Chinese distribution of foreign satellite programs. It is an authorized agent engaged in the

importation of foreign TV programmes to China. Its business covers programme production and distribution, audio

and video publishing, advertisement, pay TV, market research, technical development, investment, and tourism

services, among others. CITVC forms a complete chain with the most influential advertising company in the

Chinese mainland.

    About KyLinTV

    KyLinTV, the first IPTV service dedicated to the Chinese community living in North America, offers over 60

Chinese-language broadcasts, 20 English channels, as well as 30,000+ hours of video on demand programming.  

    The service was launched under the stewardship of two key investors, Charles B. Wang, founder of Computer

Associates, and Charles Dolan, founder of Cablevision and Home Box Office.  Production is made possible through

technology partnerships with NeuLion, Inc. of Plainview, New York, and Transvideo of Beijing, China.

    With her IPTV license awarded by Singapore government in September 2009, Singapore becomes the newest

and first country in Southeast Asia to tune to KyLinTV service outside North and South America, Europe, Australia,

New Zealand  and Japan. 

    For more information on KyLinTV's subscription offerings, please visit or call our 24-

hour Customer Service Hotline at 6602-7692.

SOURCE: KyLinTV Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

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