The Best Swimsuits For Every Body

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4th November 2009, 12:00pm - Views: 1033

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On sale 4 November

Swimwear for every body

Find your perfect cossie for summer with the DOLLY swimsuit

special. DOLLY’s fashion team showcase the best swimsuits for

every budget and body shape. Plus there are loads of tips on

what to look for to flatter your figure when you’re on the

hunt for a new pair of togs.

The bonus Jonas syndrome

It’s a tough gig having siblings who are always in the

spotlight, just ask Frankie Jonas, the lesser-known sibling of

the Jonas Brothers. Whether you’ve got a badly-behaved older

brother, a sibling who saps all your parents’ attention, or

your sister is an overachiever to the max, coping with being

the “other” kid can be a serious drag. Kate Strohm from

Siblings Australia gives great advice on how to deal when your

folks overlook you. 

The summer that changed my life

Summer means different things to different people, but for the

four young women featured in The Summer That Changed My Life,

it’s a time for reflection. These four DOLLY readers share

their life-changing summertime memories - becoming a mum,

losing a relative, volunteering in West Africa and getting

their first big break – in a story guaranteed to inspire and

move you.

Dating déjà vu 

Does getting back together with your ex ever work? With the

expert help of Amanda Booth, author of The Break-Up Survival

Guide, DOLLY tackles this age-old question and reveals the

questions every girl should ask herself before she rushes into

the arms of an old flame.

Cosmetic confessions

This month three DOLLY readers open their make-up bags and

share their preen routines. From the low-maintenance beach

babe who washes her hair once a week to the glamour girl who

won’t step outside without make-up, it’s a fly-on-the-wall

look that’s sure to make every girl feel okay about the time

she takes to get ready in the morning. 

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