Where Chad Fletcher Went Wrong

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23rd October 2010, 09:31pm - Views: 545
Where Chad Fletcher Went Wrong -
International Mentor To The Stars Including
Jack Canfield And Robert Kiyosaki Exposes Why Chad
Fletcher Feels 'Lost'

International mentor to the stars and New York Times Top 10 best-selling author of Chicken Soup for the Parents Soul, Raymond Aaron is not surprised by the demise of Chad Fletcher and other high profile sporting identities and says the solution is actually very very simple.

In Perth as part of his world tour, Mr Aaron says the lack of direction most sporting stars experience after their high profile career is very common and a dangerous 'default position' of being human.

"We are all in danger of ending up where Chad is." Mr Aaron explains. "Humans are reluctant to set meaningful goals because they think goals are hard, boring and too difficult to achieve.

The truth is proper goals are easy to achieve when they are set the right way and actually fun but Chad clearly did not know how to do this effectively after his football career ended perhaps he did not have the right mentor."

Mr Aaron recommends:

* Learning how to write goals so that they 'AUTOMAGICALLY' achieve themselves
* Identifying small changes which can alter the total direction of your life
* Having a plan for the next phase of your life whatever that may be post
sporting career, post pregnancy, post retirement, post 'whatever'

Mr Aaron, who is one of only a few dozen people to have survived the High Arctic 500- kilometre, 1-month race to the North Pole and did so with the help of using his amazing technique of goal attainment - so he knows a thing or two about overcoming mental challenges and creating success.

He coaches Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul), Robert Allen (No Money Down Real Estate) and Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad) for life advice and to help them formulate the 'what's next' for their lives, and he is in Perth as part of his international tour.

To speak with Mr Aaron about how to overcome obstacles, contact Kate Engler on 0412 526 851

SOURCE: The Publicity Princess

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