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6th December 2009, 03:00pm - Views: 997

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6 December 2009



There will be no stopping the music at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2010.

Next year’s Concert Program – to be officially released this week - outlines more than 140 free and

ticketed events – and reaches out beyond Sydney to national and international audiences.

Performance will be front and centre from February to November as Faculty, Staff and Guest Artists

join in producing a wave of concerts - individual and ensemble – to whet the appetite like never


The program extends the depth and breadth of The Con’s commitment to performance

development for general public consumption going back many years and includes:

Sensational Sundays Series

Cocktail Hour Recital Series

Lunchbreak Concerts

Open Academy Rising Stars Series

Conductors’ Series

Opera Program

Jazz in the Café

A new facet of the program is the CONtext Lectures, which will feature discussions with Richard

Toop, Keith Howard, Judy Bailey, Martin Jarvis, Peter Sculthorpe and Andrew Ford.

The Conductors’ Series will offer performances across Symphony and Chamber Orchestras, Early

Music Ensemble, Choirs, Modern Music Ensemble, Sydney Conservatorium Big Band and Wind


“Exciting is one way of looking at the 2010 schedule, fabulous is another,” commented Professor

Kim Walker, the Dean and Principal of The Con.

“It is a schedule that will enable our wonderful array of established and budding musicians,

composers, arrangers, researchers, teachers, managers and young virtuosos to beguile, entertain,

bewitch, and ultimately give pleasure. 

“It is a program that embraces all musical genres and appeals to the vast cross section of musical


Professor Walker said the year ahead would see The Con spread its wings through its involvement in

and championship of a cavalcade of special concert appearances around the country and overseas.

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Macquarie Street, Sydney 2000 AUSTRALIA +61 2 9351 1222 www.thecon.com.au

“The Chamber Orchestra will undertake its inaugural National Tour, and perform in its first ever US

concert series, hosted by New York’s renowned Juilliard School, while selected undergraduate

students plus young members of the Open Academy will represent Australia when they perform at

the Youth Festival as part of the World Expo in Shanghai, China,” she said.

“On top of this, for the first time in the 78 year history of the International Society for Contemporary

Music, the annual ISCM World New Contemporary Music Days Festival will be held in the Southern

Hemisphere in May, with The Con hosting the event along with the Aurora Festival, ABC Classic FM

and the Australian Music Centre.

“This festival, the largest of its type in the world, will see musicians and composers from 50 countries

take part in some 22 concerts, many of them held in The Con.

“There will also be a strong international flavour to the second year of the 101 Compositions for 100

Years project; and students and Faculty will join forces to present a united front of brilliant

performances for our second annual Open Day and the Dean’s Gala. 

“So whether you are a Con regular or a first-timer, whether you are a jazz nut or an opera addict, a

lover of solos or a devotee of orchestra, you can’t go wrong in 2010,” Professor Walker added.

Highlights of the 2010 Program include:

Sensational Sundays

Opening Banquet

Sunday 18 April 3:00pm

Ole Böhn, violin; Reiner Schmidt, viola; Daniel Yeadon, cello; Kees Boersma, double bass; Alexa Still, flute-

recorder; Ngaire de Korte, oboe; Francesco Celata, clarinet; Darryl Poulsen, horn; Kim Walker, bassoon; Paul

Goodchild, trumpet; Neal Peres Da Costa, harpsichord

Berwald Grand Septet in B flat Major 

Boismortier Bassoon Sonata in G Major for bassoon, double bass and harpsichord 

Lutoslawski Dance Preludes

J.S. Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 2

Jazz and the Abstract Truth 

Sunday 22 August 3:00pm

Kevin Hunt, David Theak, Craig Scott, Judy Bailey, Matt McMahon, Kerrie Biddell, Warwick Alder, Steve Brien

and friends. 

Program to be announced from the stage

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Macquarie Street, Sydney 2000 AUSTRALIA +61 2 9351 1222 www.thecon.com.au

Conductors’ Series

The First and Last - Symphony Orchestra and The Conservatorium Combined Choirs

Friday 28 May 6:00pm. Saturday 29 May 4:00pm

Imre Palló, conductor; Anke Höppner, soprano soloist; Barry Ryan, baritone soloist; and fellow soloists 

Beethoven Symphony No. 9 in D minor, Op. 125, “Choral”

Cocktail Hour Recital Series

Summer Breezes from the Woodwind Unit 

Monday 15 March 6:00pm

Alexa Still, flute; Kim Walker, bassoon; Andrew Barnes, bassoon; Michael Duke, saxophone; Ngaire de Korte,

oboe; Alexandre Oguey, oboe; Cathy McCorkill, clarinet; Francesco Celata, clarinet; Darryl Poulsen, horn; Bob

Adair, double bass

Tomasi Printemps

Bentzon Racconto No. 1

Villa-Lobos Quinteto em forma de choras

Gubaidulina Duo Sonata for two bassoons 

Masters of the Chamber 

Monday 22 March 6:00pm

Megan Lang, baroque flute; Daniel Yeadon, viola da gamba; Neal Peres Da Costa, harpsichord

Marais Suite in F Major (Book IV)

J.S. Bach Sonata in B minor for flute and obbligato cembalo

Leclair Trio Op. 2, No. 8

Romantic Piano

Monday 3 May 6:00pm

Gerard Willems, piano

Beethoven 32 Variations in C minor

Beethoven Andante favori

Chopin Ballade in G minor, Op. 23; 4 Mazurkas; Nocturne in C sharp minor Op. Post; Polonaise in A flat Major,

Op. 53

Media inquiries to Scott Saunders, SCM, 93511298 or Graham Cassidy, Cato Counsel,

0419 202317

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