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Art Making A Difference For The Environment starstarstarstarstar   8th July 2009 - Views: 692 The mentorships will involve artists being mentored by environmental activists to learn about issues ranging from climate change to biodiversity conservation to develop an artistic piece which brings together the environment, community and art.

Artist Plans To Destroy Rodin's Masterpiece "the Kiss" starstarstarstarstar   7th July 2009 - Views: 609 Artist Plans To Destroy Rodin's Masterpiece Professor Bean is part of a new contemporary art movement called "New Imaginism" to be launched later this year.

Artist Plans To Destroy Rodin's Masterpiece "the Kiss" 1 starstarstarstarstar   6th July 2009 - Views: 662 Briton Herman Bean, contemporary artist and art professor has put the Muse Rodin in Paris on notice, releasing a statement that claims he plans to destroy one of Rodin's classical sculptures "La Baisee" with a sledgehammer and is inviting important figures in the art world to partake.

Lisa Anderson Exhibitions starstarstarstarstar   29th June 2009 - Views: 824 Lisa Anderson Exhibitions ATTLA (snow that makes pictures as it falls) is a multi - layered exhibition at Customs House in Sydney from August 23 – September 27.

Exhibition: Six Of The Best starstarstarstarstar   16th June 2009 - Views: 671 Exhibition: Six Of The Best Featuring works by 2nd year students enrolled in the RMIT New Zealand Master of Fine Arts program.

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