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Kelly Gang Together Again As Armour Visits Beechworth starstarstarstarstar   11th November 2009 - Views: 1031 Kelly Gang Together Again As Armour Visits Beechworth This will be the first time all four suits of armour have visited Beechworth and the first time since the State Library’s Kelly Culture exhibition in 2003 that the gang’s armour has been displayed together.

Australian Book Becomes The First Book Broadcast Into Deep Space starstarstarstarstar   10th November 2009 - Views: 1048 On Wednesday the 11th November at 2:45 pm (local time) the Goonhilly earth station in Cornwall, UK will beam the audio version of the Australian book, Inaka: Child's Eye's into deep space along with the message: "Paint your rainbows often. Please don't eat us."

Students Add Poetic Touch starstarstarstarstar   9th November 2009 - Views: 1105 Students Add Poetic Touch Their collective work will now join hundreds of poems collected from commissioned poets and the general public along both the east and west coasts of Australia over the past month to help celebrate Australia’s entrenched love affair with the sea.

Record Consignment Of New Zealand Memorabilia starstarstarstarstar   4th November 2009 - Views: 997 Record Consignment Of New Zealand Memorabilia Rare and significant posters, artwork and photography are represented in the largest consignment of New Zealand memorabilia ever handled by Melbourne-based Leski Auctions.

Steady As She Goes For Sea Things starstarstarstarstar   3rd November 2009 - Views: 1082 Steady As She Goes For Sea Things The two lots of “cargo” are on course for a cultural rendezvous on Thursday Island in the coming weeks as part of Sea Things – a scheme that aims to build on Australia's maritime poetry tradition in a contemporary context, imagining the nation’s sea history through new work that can be shared nationally and internationally through print, audio, film and web forms.

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