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French Masterchefs In Sydney From 11 January. Once In A Lifetime Public Access starstarstarstarstar   4th January 2010 - Views: 790 The dashing Le Bec is at the forefront of the new generation of French chefs giving fine dining a might shake up, and has come to symbolize the rebirth of Lyon and its cuisine.

Unprecedented Turkey Sales Gobbled Up This Christmas starstarstarstarstar   24th December 2009 - Views: 886 In a year that's been tough, consumer confidence is now returning, meaning Aussie families are returning to a traditional Christmas with trimmings less likely to be trimmed!

Prawns, Oysters And Snapper Stars Of Christmas starstarstarstarstar   23rd December 2009 - Views: 789 Shoppers are filling their eskies at the Sydney Fish Market 36-Hour Seafood Marathon. They have opted to take the heat out of the kitchen, stocking up with 93kg of Snapper, 83kg of prawns and almost 1,000 oysters each minute.

Frogs Legs And Kangaroo Tales starstarstarstarstar   21st December 2009 - Views: 1158 Frogs Legs And Kangaroo Tales PIONEER OF FRENCH CUISINE IN OZ SHARES HIS LOVE OF FOOD. A copy of Frogs Legs and Kangaroo Tales is being forwarded to you. Jean Daniel Ichallalene arrived in Sydney from Paris in 1966 and was immediately struck by two observations: it was really hot and the food scene was really bad.

Pig Out On A Local Free-range Ham This Christmas starstarstarstarstar   21st December 2009 - Views: 861 Pig Out On A Local Free-range Ham This Christmas If you’re living in Victoria and are intending to buy a Christmas ham, then why not pig out on something that’s not only RSPCA Approved but also supports local business?

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